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The trendy business of Food truck kitchens

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The trendy business of Food truck kitchens

Lounging in the park with a good book, you suddenly start feeling ravenous. A good restaurant that can satisfy your taste buds is quite a hike away and you are in no mood to walk. Then suddenly you look to other side and see a food truck Kitchen! It is offering a variety of food and can do well to you for today’s evening!

This is a simple scenario which many people might face, and the presence of a food truck can make things easier for you. Your customers do not have to come to you, but you drive up to them. This particular gesture helps build a customer clientele and restaurants should now begin to understand the right game plan to a trendy business.

Food truck kitchens are the next “in” thing for the restaurant business. Today, the life has become so fast paced that individuals, seek easier options. Food truck kitchens are one of them. It helps people grab a meal in the quickest way possible. Some of the benefits of owning a food truck are as follows:

You are not putting all your eggs in one basket!

That’s right; a food truck kitchen requires lesser investment as compared to the setting up of a restaurant. So if you are looking to open up a restaurant then why not try a food truck kitchen first, if people prefer your food that way then they would definitely like to come and pay you a visit.

To literally become the word of mouth!

In many cases, restaurant owners open a food truck kitchen when they already have a running restaurant; this helps them gain more popularity. Having their food truck kitchen at different locations can actually enable them to capture their customers even when their customers are far away from their physical restaurant. This is like an advertising, where you present yourself to probable new customers and proper service and taste bud satisfaction can help you lifetime customers.

You serve all income strata without discrimination!

Yes, you read it right! Many restaurants have a posh interior and exterior and people belonging lower strata feel that they cannot afford it. Once you start serving customers through a food truck kitchen, they start feeling that you are for them as well. They forget the posh angle to your brand and feel that they can afford you. This trendy business tactic helps you win customers and you tap into all the strata of the society.

You end up earning more than you spend!

Oh wow! This is the most appealing factor for any business. A food truck kitchen may be a trendy business but the cost of setting it up is not much. After some time of being established, the business starts paying much more than its cost. Hence, it is a big plus!


Khan Saheb, Greasy Fingers and Le Casse Croute are some of the well established brands who can be considered as the king of food truck kitchens. Reason? They deliver to their customers as per their taste and bring food to them that they crave.

The main difference between the customers that come to a restaurant and the customer who eats from the food truck is of the will. A restaurant customer comes with a full intention to eat there, but a food truck’s customer is many a times a random person whose taste buds were tantalized by the appetizing smell coming from the food truck and the savory, eye feasting delights resting on the food truck’s ledge

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