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Time to make your kitchens cool and breezy!

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Time to make your kitchens cool and breezy!

Time to make your kitchens cool and breezy! A busy evening at your restaurant, your kitchen counters are groaning under the many delectable items that your chef has cooked, and you see your chef sweating profusely and wiping away the sweat frequently. You immediately decide that how much ever amazing your chef maybe but this is not the way you would like to introduce him to the customers and neither would want your customers to see your chef in such a sweaty state! Kitchens are probably the hottest place in your restaurant and you surely want to keep the heat down in there so that your customers can remain cool!

Now you would say that how is it possible to make your kitchens cooler when you will have all your stoves, ovens, girdles, and char broiler all powered up and spewing heat at an alarming rate? Well there is an amazing solution and all you need to do is stay put! Hot kitchens are a serious source of trouble not only for the management but the staff working in there. A hot kitchen may also pose as a serious safety hazard. Heat drains energy and your workers can lose their efficiency and start feeling lethargic and this will decrease the efficiency of your kitchen.

Tips to cool down your kitchen:

It is necessary that your kitchen remains cool at all times as a heated up kitchen can be a major fire hazard and in cases of slight flare up it could be disastrous for your kitchen. Here are some tips that could actually help your kitchen and indirectly prevent bottlenecks and increase efficiency.

Have a single source of light

Well this may seem as impractical to you, but in real it can reduce light emitting device and ultimately make the place cooler. Having a single source of light can make the place cooler.

Air Circulation

Having proper air circulation can actually make the place cooler. When the hot air in your kitchen gets replaced by fresher air, the temperature of the place comes down. Avoid placing heavy machinery and cabinets in the place of the windows as this will prevent from air getting blocked. Cross ventilation will allow fresh air to come and the constant cycle will ultimately keep the place less warm.

Exhaust in your kitchens

Having exhaust fans placed over the ovens, stoves and grills will throw out the hot air in to the external atmosphere. This will prevent the expulsion of hot air into the kitchen itself and prevent it from becoming too hot. An overall exhaust fan will reduce the heat and keep the place cooler.

Auxiliary fans can help in keeping temperatures down

Placing fans in your kitchen can strategically can boost your ventilation system and help push hot air out of the kitchen. Fans also keep the place cool by reducing the impact of heat in the kitchen on the workers. Fans can also reduce heat by circulating the air within.


Keeping a water cooler in your kitchen can actually help your workers stay hydrated. This will prevent them from feeling prey to the heat in the kitchens. Having an electric dispenser that keeps the water cool can prove to be a great friend for your kitchen staff. As they feel fresh and crisp with proper hydration.

There is another tip that might be used as an offhand method to actually combat heat and that is to place cool towels over the fans, this will introduce cool air into the kitchen because instead of using the air in the room, the wet cloth will cool the atmosphere near the fan and that will get circulated in the kitchen.


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