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Sizzle, Char And Steam РMake The Food Taste Right! Sitting in a restaurant you are presented with a burger, you take a bite and you can feel flavors explode in your mouth! The sauciness, the tangy touch and the taste of smoke, infusing these flavors the beef in your burger has been cooked to perfection! You know why? Because the chef is aware, how to work with his char boiler. A perfectly trained chef knows how to use the steam and smoke to his advantage and make the food look and taste appealing to the customers.

Making the right decisions:

When you are setting up your commercial kitchen you should remember that you have to develop the perfect plan. You need to first decide your menu and then look for the right equipments. If you plan to offer your customers burgers, steaks, tikkas along with vegetables and sandwiches you need to purchase a commercial char broiler and a commercial griddle plate. Both of these work with steam and suffuse taste in the food making the person consuming food enjoy all the right flavors in the most perfect way.


Griddles are flat surfaces that are mainly powered by electric. Girdle Electric is an efficient choice as it helps a lot of food items on your menu. There is nothing that cannot be cooked on it or left to stay warm on it. It can even be used to heat up a cold dish. All you need to do is buy one that suits your requirements and fits into your commercial kitchen.

A griddle is highly valuable and effective equipment when you are serving your customers high demand items for lunch, breakfast and dinner. These griddles help in cooking up the food much more quickly and at the same time retain the taste of the food. In contrast with char broilers, griddles do not change the taste of the food or infuse flavors, but actually cooks it up and helps the taste within maximize. If you have a huge clientele and customer turnover then you need to have a heavy plate griddle so that it can retain heat much longer as compared to thinner plates.

Char Broilers:

Now, imagining serving your customers with the right kind of delectable food which have been cooked to perfection is a dream come true for many restaurateurs but what they fail to understand is that such kind of commercial char broilers, that make use of steam and heat to cook your food need expertise in the area when being handled.

Char broilers are known so because they char the food to an extent where the taste of food remains but gets infused with the taste and flavor of smoke. The advantages of cooking with a commercial char broiler are:

  • The food can be cooked much quickly than a conventional stove.
  • The food gets even heat and thus all of it is cooked appropriately and at the same time.
  • The chefs can use different ingredients to infuse flavors, the flavors set in because they are cooked using convention currents and steam.
  • They come in all range of sizes and hence can fit any counter top.
  • The sear lines of the charred food make the food appealing and appetizing for the customers.


Enjoy cooking your food!

With the right kind of commercial char broiler and commercial griddle plate, you can cook up a storm of flavors and make the food a tantalizing experience for your customers that would ultimately make the customer want to come visit you again and again!


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