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The Necessary Kitchen Equipments for a Restaurant

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The Necessary Kitchen Equipments for a Restaurant

Commercial Kitchens:

Necessary Kitchen Equipments

You are opening up your dream restaurant and are done with the interiors, you walk around the gleaming tiles and newly installed fittings of your restaurant and marvel and its beauty. You walk into your kitchen, the glinting white tiles, the glossy linoleum and smooth glistening counters make you in awe of your place. Then your eyes flicker around the empty spaces that are gawking at you and you start wondering how to find the best equipment for your kitchen and think about the daunting task of actually identifying the necessities.

Given below is a wonderful guide about what equipments to purchase and what to forgo for when you are expanding and the crucial qualities that you should focus on when deciding the right things for your commercial startup kitchen. A five star hotel of any countries hotel industry is developed through its reputation and reputations are made through quality service and quality commercial food equipments.

The kitchen basics:

Before delving deeper into what equipments you should be purchasing and what not, there are some basics that are needed to be understood. The most preliminary one is that you need to know the difference between the equipments. The range of equipments can be divided as follows:

Kitchens cool

  • The simple equipments that can be carried around the kitchen.
  • The bigger equipments that cannot be carried and have to fixed to a stand or bench.
  • The utensils that you need to cook.
  • The hand tools that you require to aid your cooking process, and they are usually managed by one hand only.
  • There are mechanical equipments which help make repetitive tasks easier and they are usually not powered like the SS Slicer.
  • The powered equipments that are usually placed in one place and electric power operated egg WET grinder.

Necessary Kitchen Equipments:

Below is the lost of equipments that are an important part of your startup kitchen if you want to win the hotel industry over.

The right kitchen choices

Just imagine that you have the right recipe and the freshest of ingredients, but you have not installed the right kitchen equipments. Do you think you will be able to serve in the best way possible? We think not!!! The reason being, that you might be able to serve a few customers, but then when you start getting bulk orders, what will you do? The cooking will take its time you cannot speed up the cooking process. But what you can actually do is reduce the prep time. With proper time management and quality equipments you can actually prepare food much quicker and this will increase the efficiency of your kitchen.

Warmers and holders keep the food warm, so if you prepare your food a bit beforehand and keep it in the warmers and give finishing touch when you receive the order, you are saving up on your time. Arranging kitchen equipments in a way that there is no bottleneck also helps reduce prep time for the food and thus lesser customer waiting time.

Maintaining a commercial kitchen worthy of a five-star hotel in such a competitive hotel industry is not an easy task, you need to be armed with the right and durable commercial food equipments, so decide wisely and buy right!

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    The article is quite prominent and easy to understand and relate to, I specifically liked the content under “The kitchen basics”. Starting a restaurant isn’t easy, more difficult is to find the right equipment in place. Getting proper equipment as per your requirements can cost you a lot. Hence, many restaurant startups venture into purchasing used restaurant kitchen equipment which is available at a much lesser cost instead of buying brand new equipment.

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  3. Great post, You have pointed out the main and most usable equipment that should have to be present in a hotel and in restaurants

  4. It is necessary to install right equipment which will save lot of time. This is the correct and easiest way by which you can serve in the best possible manner.

  5. Article is very informative, setting up restaurant with limited space is a challenging job and having right equipment’s which is convenient to use and play around is also challenging at a minimum cost. We are also doing the same business of manufacturing and supplying of commercial kitchen equipment so please [LINK REMOVED]/

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