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Use Stainless Steel – Don’t spoil the broth!

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Stainless Steel

Use Stainless Steel – Don’t spoil the broth!

That’s so true! So many cooks spoil the broth but nah! That’s not the only thing; selection of wrong equipments can spoil the broth too. One mistake which people make while buying kitchen equipments is that they don’t see the material that can meet their needs. If you have a commercial kitchen you can’t simply miss this point of course, it’s a matter of every day for you.

So what to go for? MS or SS…….? Well, we know you got confused, but you won’t be confused anymore! We are here to tell you what’s best for you.

Stainless Steel

The perfect Balance

Though Mild Steel is also used in the industry, it doesn’t mean that you should go for it. Stainless steel is much better than that because of the perfect balance you get. SS Kitchen equipments resist the heat better than other Mild Steel equipments. The power of resisting heat gives stainless steel an edge over the Mild Steel equipments.

What is best, Stainless Steel or Mild Steel?

Stainless steel is a ferrous metal, though mild steel is also a ferrous metal it has more iron content in it. Well, too much science for you? Let’s get it into simpler words, a ferrous is a combination of two elements likewise, SS is the combination of iron and chromium while Mild steel is not. Stainless steel is the perfect choice for you because it’s an alloy and it doesn’t catch rust easily.

Corrosion Can’t Hitch SS!

You simply can’t challenge the supremacy of SS, no matter on what basis you compare it to the other metals. It took an edge. Corrosion can destroy all the alloys and metals but here stainless steel is again at the safe side. It produces the layer of chromium oxide which keeps the corrosion away and protects the steel from the environment. While Mild Steel doesn’t have any protective layer that saves it from damage.

Mild SteelVS Stainless Steel! Who has more power?

Heat, force or weight can’t hitch its shine! You guessed it right; SS is so powerful that it bears the heat, force, and weight in an efficient way. It doesn’t wrap or deforms while Mild Steel can easily get rust or get bend when you apply force or put so much weight on it. One of the most amazing things about stainless steel is that it is much denser than Mild Steel.

Temperature Resistance

SS temperature resistant property gives it one more flag. You can use stainless steel at much high temperatures while the Mild Steel easily melts at the higher temperatures. So, the best choice is to go for stainless steel because we know you don’t want to bear lose and regret after going for Mild Steel.

Raw Material Plays a Vital Role

Here comes the most important thing, the raw materials which are used in the making of SS. Better raw materials provide better quality. GAD is known for providing its customers the best quality equipments because the raw material used in the production of Equipments is always of high quality. Moreover, the material used in GAD’s Equipments first clears the quality checkpoints.

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